Passatelli with seafood

Our seafood passatelli are prepared with fresh eggs, flour, cheese, butter and a touch of nutmeg. In this recipe we combine their unique consistency with the intensity of the seafood for a dish that combines the flavors of Emilian cuisine with those of the Adriatic. They are ready to serve after just one minute in the microwave.



Pasteurized EGGS (38%, Italian origin), grated BREAD: type "0" soft WHEAT flour, brewer's yeast, salt, Hard CHEESE (26%): MILK, salt, rennet (Italian origin), Salt, Soft WHEAT flour type “00”, Nutmeg , BUTTER, Pepper.


SCOGLIO sauce (43%): cherry tomatoes, frozen MISTO SCOGLIO (Chilean MUZZLE (Mytilus chilensis) cooked in shell, water, farmed in Chile, Pacific CLAMS (white) cooked in shell (Paphia undulata/Meretrix spp), caught in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean, GIANT SQUID (Dosidicus gigas) caught in the Pacific Ocean south eastern, rings and tufts of Indo-Pacific SQUID (Uroteuthis duvauceli or deulis or chinensis) fished in the central-western Pacific Ocean or western Indian Ocean, shelled Indo-Pacific SHRIMP fished (Parapenaeopsis stylifera) fished in the Indian Ocean FAO 51 and 57), Sunflower seed oil, Garlic, Parsley, Pepper.

300 g

2° – 4° C

1 min at 1000W

Shelf Life:
30 gg

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Weight1 kg
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