Ravioli with burrata and cherry tomatoes

Ravioli with burrata and cherry tomatoes are a delicious and light pasta, which brings a touch of freshness and imagination to the table. Delicious to taste on any occasion.



Pasta (55%)

Durum wheat semolina, Soft wheat flour type 00, Pasteurized eggs (15%, Origin Italy)

Filling (45%)

RICOTTA 21% (pasteurized cow's MILK whey, cow's MILK whey cream, salt) BURRATA stracciatella 3% of the total [mozzarella (MILK, salt, rennet, lactic ferments - Italian origin), MILK cream], cherry tomatoes 6.5% of the total (tomatoes, tomato juice ), hard CHEESE (MILK, salt, rennet), MOZZARELLA (MILK, salt, rennet, ferments DAIRY), grated BREAD (type “0” soft WHEAT flour, brewer's yeast, salt), salt, nutmeg, pepper.

It may contain traces of clams, shellfish, nuts, fish, celery, mustard and soy.

250 g

2° – 4° C

4 min

Shelf Life:
60 gg

Additional information

Weight1 kg
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