Bolognese tortellini

Bolognese tortellini are characterized by the richness of an intense filling and the typical pinched closure: Bologna mortadella, raw ham, pork and cheese in a small square of pastry.



Pasta (65%)

Durum wheat semolina, wheat soft flour type 00, Pasteurized eggs (17%, Origin Italy)

Filling (35%)

Mortadella (20%): pork, pork tripe, salt, sugar, spices, natural flavors, sodium ascorbate antioxidant, sodium nitrite preservative, pork (9%), Breadcrumbs: soft wheat flour type 0, brewer's yeast, salt, Raw ham (5%): pork, salt, preservatives potassium nitrate, Hard cheese (3%): milk, salt, rennet, Pasteurized eggs, Salt, Nutmeg, Pepper.

It may contain traces of clams, shellfish, nuts, fish, celery, mustard and soy.

250 g / 1 kg

2° – 4° C

3 min

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
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