The ready-made meals that we offer are tasty and fresh: they are the right answer for all those who do not want to give up the taste and delights of good food despite having little time available or little desire to cook.

They are also a valid proposal for restaurants, bars, snack bars and companies that want to offer the possibility of an excellent meal. La Lanterna's ready meals, including tagliatelle al ragù, gramigna with sausage, lasagna and much more, are not only intended for HO.RE.CA., but also for domestic use.

Semi-finished products such as bechamel, ragù and sauces are prepared respecting traditional home recipes. The artisanal production also allows a certain flexibility in the choice of taste, so we can customize the products according to the customer's needs.

In single-portion packs of 300 grams, they are practical and fast, they can be heated in the microwave and, on request, packaged in one kilo pans.

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