Filling with ricotta and walnuts with green pastry

The ricotta and walnut filled pasta perfectly combines the classic ricotta filling and the crunchiness of walnuts, for a first course with a unique and very particular taste. The spinach-based green puff pastry adds a touch of color and flavor to the recipe. Handcrafted as it once was.

Available in the Caramelle, Ravioli and Tortelloni format.




Durum wheat semolina, Soft wheat flour type 00, Pasteurized eggs (16%, Origin Italy), Spinach powder


Ricotta (29%): pasteurized cow's milk whey, milk cream, salt - Origin Italy, Ground nuts (4%, non-EU origin), Stringy cheese: cheese, water, milk proteins, melting salts (monosodium citrate, polyphosphates sodium), salt, anti-caking agent E460ii, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Fine salt, Pepper, Nutmeg.

It may contain traces of clams, shellfish, fish, celery, mustard and soy.

fresh bulk / kg pasteurized

2° – 4° C

3 min

Additional information

Weight1 kg
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